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《Two moons,two stones》
Single Channel Vedio Colour, 7'30'', 2015

I began the thought of “uphold classicism” in the beginning of this year. From the Southern Song Dynasty Capital City Linan and the Painting History of Southern Song Dynasty, I began to understand my living city Hangzhou starting from the Southern Song Imperial Street, which was the spine of Hangzhou back then. Through the records a largeamount of location and anecdotes of the southern Song dynasty, I understand the history from now to the old. I also find many interesting things and record them, imagine and creating this seirs of works.An antiqueink slab said: It is heaven and earth that give birth to the ancient stone, I will give you time, you and I can nourish together.The work originally comes from a snapshot in Wu Hill. In Chinese zodiac stone, playing children explore the secret cleft to the deepest. The wisdom and interest of the ancients are included in the natural stone forest, mountains multiply and streams double back no doubt, there is a way out. The person in the photo is in this state.Taking this as the theme, I filmed this series of photos.

《Refreshing Paradise》
Photography ,B&W, 50x63cm,50x70cm, 2015

The original topic described a heap of stones in Hangzhou phoenix mountain.According to the legend, in the Mid-Autumn season of the southern Song dynasty,the moon passed through the hole in the stone and projected on the surface of the water in front of the stone, the emperor of the southern Song dynasty and his concubines enjoyed the glorious full moon here. The moon in the sky and the moon in the water was like two pieces of clear gemstone.