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Mephistofele, formerly known as the film screening organization, has organized hundreds of film screening activities since its establishment, and co-hosted the 13th China Independent Film Festival-Short Film Corner(CIFF13), Ten Recommendation -Zhang Xianmin Film Screening, China Women's Film Festival-feminist film creation and communicate,and so on.

It has now developed into an art group with irregular members. As the curatorial group of the "YouCe-project" of Tproject, it participated in the decision-making and implementation of all related projects, organized a series of events, and extended to more through the medium of art. Mephistofele pays attention to all new possibilities, transforming the impossible from the established system into a new situation to obtain the possibility of the next action, their action is constantly crossing the daily pace of shuttle.

Main members include:Du Keyan (Born in Shengzhou in 1998.Graduated from China Academy of Art. Interested in the emergence of the symbol system and its internal contradictions, his works mostly present the dilemma of reality through the game of words, and use political discourse to dissolve the existing political nature of symbols)、Luo xinzi(Born in Wuhan in 1997.Focuses on exploring the porous fluid relationship between the individual and the community, and her studio work and social practice are committed to utopian representation construction and redefining preconceived hierarchical boundaries)、Yu Guo(Born in Jinhua in 1998.Graduated from the oil painting Department of China Academy of Art,and now based in Hangzhou ).

Note: Mephistofele's exhibition project presented is: "Corpus to Corpus: Daily E-mail" completed jointly by Cao Zhihao, Diban, Du Keyan, Ji Jie, Hu Jingshuo, Haishen, Luo Xinzhi, Lu Yaotian, Mao Hengyu, Meng Yuan, Peng Yinrui, Xu Jiayin, Yu Guo, and Zhao Xiangfeng.

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