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Lie Down and Sleep Again

The theme of "Lie Down and Sleep Again" is derived from a quote from the classic character Fan Debiao in the TV series "Marshal Ma": "The best way to end sleepwalking is to lie down and sleep again, and when I wake up, a new Debiao will stand on the ground of Liaobei..."


In the play, the sleepwalking life eventually destroys Fan Debiao's real life, and in order to change this bad and irreversible situation, he chooses to eat a whole bottle of sleeping pills, lie down and go back to sleep, and "restart" his life. To a certain extent, this shows the inseparability of illusion and reality, where sleep and illusion are entangled with the spirit, just like organisms are entangled with the body. The harmonic sense of the play "Lying Down to Sleep Again" is that after De Biao wakes up from his "re-sleeping", he finds that all is really well in life, but there is nothing to prove whether it is a new reality or the next "sleepwalking", another kind of hallucination, and a new reality. But there is nothing to prove whether this is a new reality or the next "sleepwalking", another hallucination, but at least the choices he has made have had an effect.


It is interesting to note that such a set of escapist and self-negating behaviours, actions, constitute a sort of "between-the-scenes" moment for the subject himself, i.e., I am driven by my own real desires without realising it; I make the decision to deny my own reality and start again.