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A way, any way

Artist: Bignia Wehrli
Date: 2024.05.17-06.30

Inna Art Space is pleased to announce the opening of artist Bignia Wehrli's first solo exhibition in Hangzhou, China, “A way, any way”, on May 17th at 3 pm. The exhibition runs until June 30.


Rain traces on paper form different variations; parabolic sun movements are captured like black meteors across the sky; forked branches interconnect to form thousands of paths leading in different directions; and the blue of the sky becomes a two-dimensional plane that puts an end to infinity. Points, lines and surfaces - the three abstract basic elements that make up spatial imagery - are presented in the works in this exhibition in a very concrete and material way.


Collecting, tracing, measuring and inventing -- these actions in Bignia Wehrli’s artistic practice -- are implanted in the dynamics of nature in a very subtle way. In the process of creation, she often appears as a collaborator with nature. For her artistic translations, Wehrli often invents new techniques and instruments that act as an extension of the artist’s hand.


The observation and translation of spatial movement and traces have always been a major concern in Wehrli’s work. Traces are the proof of the “crime” that time has committed against space. They provide the visual information with which people can read and feel time. Wehrli's experiments on how to capture traces are in fact an invention of different ways of perceiving time. The following descriptions of traditional brushwork methods in Chinese calligraphy, such as “like drawing lines in the sand with an awl, like stamping the clay with a stamp, like stains under the eaves,” echo in Wehrli’s work. She translates and transforms the relationships and interconnections between people, objects and events into enigmatic yet legible drawings.