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I’d Rather Struggle

We are honored to announce that the first group exhibition of Inna Art Space in 2019 - I' d Rather Struggle, will be held from March 16th, 2019 to May 15th, 2019.


The exhibition will present recent works of 14 artists from China, the United States, Japan and Korea, including mixed media paintings, photography, works on paper, video installation, ceramics, fabric sculpture and music.


This group exhibition is trying to present a dialouge on the monumentally chaos in artworks. It is fascinating that these artists built up “ruins” in their works. Abandoning glossy and shiny visual effects, they tend to mess up, sand out, paint over and cut apart the elements, always leaving an imperfect looking, and it’s more than an aesthetical taste.



Carrying multi traditions,taking the illnesses or treasures of civilizations, along with their own sub-healthy bodies and distracted minds of modern human beings, they know that in the edges and ends of the ruins, silently growing some possibilities. Ruins, presumably, provide void spaces in which some most fragile essences of art can be shaded in order to germinate again.