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Backlit / The Blue Curtain Represents Author’s Melancholy

Artist: Pan Wangshu, Wang Ke
Date: 2019.09.21-10.20

Inna Art Space is proud to announce the joint exhibitions “Backlit” and “The Blue Curtain Represents Author’s Melancholy” by artists Wang Ke and Pan Wangshu, open from September 21st through October 20th. The exhibitions  display paintings made using an iPad over recent years by Wang Ke, alongside Pan Wangshu’s ceramic installation work.  


Since making the series of paintings on canvas “Big Face”, Wang Ke has shifted to using an iPad to make work. Albeit in terms both of material and form this is a considerable transformation, what remains unchanged is that the paintings are a way for her to reflect on life’s visual aspects. Of the two series from which works have been selected for the present exhibition, “Days” takes the greyscale of clouds as its tonal basis, clouds beneath which metallic objects appear, everyday utensils for eating and drinking, domestic electrical appliances and other objects, all assuming a pronounced, symbolic quality. These everyday objects seem to possess a loneliness akin to that of solitary persons, resolute, yet also expectant in their expressions. In another series, “Pool”, the tone is rather more blithe, brimming with the jubilance of surveying flowing waters; figures swimming or at play there. A cool, pleasant sensation ripples along with the flowing and surging of the water. The imagery in this series has a distinct painterliness to it, one not marred by the painting materials themselves having been digitized, virtualized completely — This contented manner of viewing and enjoying water and the joy of taking a brush to paint seem almost identical in their savor.