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Memory and Longing

Artist: Carla Shapiro, Liu Beining
Date: 2019.06.29-07.29

Inna Art Space presents “Memory & Longing”, an exhibition premises by artists Carla Shapiro and Liu Beining at New York. The exhibition opens on June 29th 2020 and features more than ten photographic and mixed media works by the artists, exploring notions of human sentiment, historic remnant, memory and longing.



The nine black & white photographs by Carla Shapiro come from the same series, “Memory & Longing”, for which she scoured flea markets, antique shops and the Internet to purchase and appropriate old photographs. For the artist, these unfamiliar images communicate universal themes and collective sentiments. She uses techniques including manual manipulation, enlargement, palladium (platinum) print &c. to imbue the photographs with a certain eery indeterminacy. She fixes paper, fabric and bric-a-brac to their surfaces, resulting in a collaged effect expressive of the fragmented nature of memory. These elements excel at bringing tender emotional experience into close association with the fate of photography and its vicissitudinous ages. With the evolution of photographic technique, these photographs bore witness to the camera’s first entrance into the average home, the photographic subject’s thus shifting from what it had been when the medium was still costly (the photographers documenting the wonders of the world) to the middle classes. These scattered fragments document the good life as viewed by the individuals who pushed the shutter and the memories yet to be they shaped actively for themselves. These processed Images on the other hand render indistinct the conventional pathways of recollection to precipitate a far broader, more holistic experience of time and the timelessness.