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Project:Drips Project: AppleCareless

Artist: Wu Junyong
Date: 2013.09.10-12
Opening: 2013.09.10, 19:00
Venue: No. 465, Hefang Street
Add: No. 465, HeFang Street

About Project

Why do I call it “DRIPS”? It is something about a collective container for fragments. Every single GIF artwork is like a drip of water: tiny, yet still reflecting a micro-world. When collected and gathered all together, they would become an ocean, a kaleidoscope of our mundane worlds. 

As for an artist, sometimes a small impulsion can be suffice to help him composite and finish an interesting, wholesome and complete artwork. The GIF artwork would be the best media of its kind.

The most buzzard and adventurous characteristic of the GIF artwork is that it is neither an image nor a video, but something intermediate between them, which has the power of stop frames from the image while still preserving the ability of storytelling in the timeline from the video. 

The GIF artwork can NEVER exist in means/media of paper, though computers and the internet would be its most suitable media, and I’d like to classify this project as “Internet Artwork”. 

And at the same time, you can collect all those digital artworks. Certainly, it is different from the collection of the artworks in the real, physical world, it is an experiment about virtual collection.