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Daily Colour

Curator: Lu Tao, Shang Simin, Yu Qiongjie
Artist: Deng Danni, Fang Hongzhang, Li Shengchao, Lu Tao, Mei Shuzhi, Mihe, Pan Xiaowan, Shang Simin, Shen Fei, Song Ye, Huanchen Sui, Wang Diangang, Wang Yucheng, Wu Qin, Xiaoyao, Yuan Youmin, Zheng Cheng
Date: 2013.04.13-22
Opening: 2013.04.13, 15:00
Venue: No. 465, Hefang Street
Add: No. 465, HeFang Street
Organizer: Inna Art Space


" Daily Colour" is an exhibition organized and held by some designers from Hangzhou, which is the first creative exhibition about designers by Inna Contemporary Art Space. 

Beyond the busy daily affairs and business, the designers come to arrange, organize, participate and hold the exhibition. That's a challenge and surpass of themselves, a way to read themselves more clearly. We all appreciate this kind of living status, and it means more emerging possibilities. 

Imaging, acting, representing, thinking and feeling during the process - in the practices and dreams, we all experience the value of existence in the forwarding life. 

" Daily Colour", we come to discuss the possible spaces in the most fundamental elements with most sincere attitude. 

" Daily Colour", a exhibition with eagerness...! 


Form CMYK to Daily

The four colours of CMYK, a professional term used in graphic design brings a visual exhibition for graphic design. 

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key(Black), the five essential elements(Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth), the speciality of CMYK is that they build and create a visual world beyond mundaneness to splendidness in the most fundamental elements, just like all that represented in our daily spaces. 

Here are the six different design studios at Hangzhou, from one-man studio to a team or even a cooperating units supported by more than ten members... In the names of "Daily Life", all come to create a hybrid-symbiont via ferment and 

"Daily Life" does not intended to pose a window show, it just want to present a status- slice lingering on the axe of timeline. In a time that design has becoming more and more mundane, "Photoshop" a accomplice of scherzo, it would give us some different attitudes to think about it in a more professional way. 

Just like it is said, "all images will be diminishing and languishing into the void", the more mundane and daily, the more possible.