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A Very Hot Pot

Curator: Li Shengzhao
Artist: Stefan Baltensperger, Bignia Wehrli, Liao Wenfeng, David Siepert
Date: 2015.04.25-05.15
Opening: 2015.04.25
Venue: Block No. 12,139 Liu He Road, Hangzhou, China
Organizer: Inna Art Space
Co-Organiser: MOCA Shanghai
Co-Organiser: School of Intermedia Art, China Academy of Art

The Project

The Project:

A Very Hot Pot is a residency program orchestrated by Hangzhou’s Inna Art Space and the Swiss Cultural Foundation;

With additional support from theChina Academy of Art’s Intermedia Department.

Participating artists include: Bignia Wehrli, Liao Wenfeng, David Siepert and Stefan Baltensperger. The project lasts for one month. 


The present projects have grown out of friendship——that which has developed between the participating artists. Everything began one evening in the February of 2013——during the Swiss winter——when by the hearth of their quarters the artists prepared a Chinese-style hotpot to mark the beginning of the New Year’s Day. There, the nourishing aromas and rolling boil of the pot itself, the undulating, oral exchanges that took place, along with the unforeseen headaches brought on by the concurrent carbon-monoxide fumes—— the sparkling stars, the night sky, fireworks and the rejuvenating effects of a welcome gust of fresh air… It seems all these things somehow capitulated to create circumstance of sorts——A relational platform at once both specific, apparently transient but at the same time also enduring in its influences. 


Inside this HOTPOT —— the broth itself—— between the ingredients a sort of perpetual harmonising occurs —— of flavours, quality —— All these things (even the carbon-monoxide!)—— all offer up their nutriment, working to modulate each diner’s state.