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Candida Höfer、Chen Dongfan、Fangwei Exhibition

Curator: Li Shengzhao
Artist: Candida Höfer, Chen Dongfan, Fang Wei
Date: 2015.03.07-04.05
Opening: 2015.03.07, 15:00
Venue: Block No. 12,139 Liu He Road, Hangzhou, China
Organizer: Inna Art Space


An exhibition of work by Candida Höfer, Chen Dongfan and Fang Wei

 —— The Inna Art Space


The present exhibition divides into three segments consisting of work by the artists Candida Höfer, Chen Dongfan and Fang Wei. Although each artist possesses their own, distinctive style, there are nonetheless certain “exceptions” to this rule, certain “cross overs” and “indefinite territories” that exist between them. At the same time it displays each artist’s ongoing projects, the present exhibition attempts also to bring these “other” elements into play.


Artist Statements:


Candida Höfer

(1944——) Cologne, Germany

Candida Höfer studied under the founders of the Dusseldorf School and acclaimed masters of German photography Bernd and Hilla Becher. Since then she hasbecome best known for her images of public space, taking the art galleries, museums, theatres, libraries, historic palaces and official residences of the world as her subjects. By means of long exposure techniques, Höfer'sphotographs push the human subject aside, allowing space itself to reveal its own orders, character, details and lighting from a cool and impartial perspective.



Chen Dongfan

(1982——) Shanghai, China