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Candida Höfer

Curator: Chen Dongfan
Artist: Candida Höfer
Date: 2016.11.06-12.20
Opening: 2016.11.06, 15:00
Venue: Inna Art Space
Add: Block No. 12,139 LiuHe Road, Hangzhou, China
Tel: +86-0571-87023522
Email: info@innart.org
Organizer: Inna Art Space
Acknowledgement: Transwhite Studio

Chen Dongfan:Candida Höfer

The Long & Short of It

I am not a curator by profession. Thus to write is for me an especially arduous task. This certainly won’t be an essay one would typically encounter in the context of curating. Please forgive me in advance.

Candida Höfer is among the most highly esteemed of photographers and her photographs have for a long time now been seen as classics of photographic history. It is unnecessary therefore to expatiate at length on her successes. I strongly recommend here Mr. Herbert’s On Methods - an essay he produced whilst participating in the curation of Candida Höfer’s exhibition of the same title at Beijing’s Three Shadows Art Centre. The essay introduces in consistently rigorous detail every aspect of Candida Höfer’s work and is truly a masterfully astute and well researched document. The artist’s monographs also will be made available for all visitors to peruse in the present exhibition’s specially conceived reference library.

In my view, it is very hard not to be sentimental when discussing Candida Höfer. She is a good friend of mine, my senior as an artist, a mentor and my kin. I would like to share with you therefore a few insights I have gleaned during times I’ve spent with this friend.  



First Meetings

I still remember the circumstances of Candida Höfer and my first meeting. Those few days had been consistently suspended amid light rains, sprinkling the undergrowth to sublime in a film of mist, leaving the spaces around buildings swathed in fog. Even if this was but a backdrop - a foil - the image it outlines remains one of utmost clarity. Her gold-auburn air, decked in black robes and carrying an opalescent green umbrella, she paced quietly through the trees, quite easeful in her refinement.