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Chen Dongfan: Chinese Zodiac

Artist: Chen Dongfan
Date: 2022.11.10-13

Inna Art Space is delighted to participate in 2022 West Bund Art & Design with “Chen Dongfan: Chinese Zodiac,” a solo presentation of artist Chen Dongfan. The exhibition features twelve recent works based on the Chinese zodiac, reflecting New York-based artist Chen Dongfan’s imaginative experimentation with Chinese mythological imagery. The exhibition will display the twelve “Chinese Zodiac” paintings in a pantheon-like setting, evoking a theatrical atmosphere that brings more distinctive viewing experiences to the audience.


In Chinese traditional culture, the twelve Chinese zodiac signs are the twelve animals that each represent a year in a repeating twelve-year cycle. The Chinese zodiac is not only integrated into daily life as a common spirit, but its natural habits are also endowed with many thoughtful cultural meanings, raising their status from animal to divinity while receiving respect and worship. The beliefs of the twelve zodiac signs are a combination of traditional Chinese religious philosophy and art culture, supplemented by the association of animal temperaments, forming an imaginary belief system that in turn affects and marks people’s concepts and behaviors. Aside from the ethnic perspective of cultural compartmentalization, as a common imagination of mankind, the Chinese zodiac is very similar to the Babylonian zodiac, as ancient Greece and Egypt also had totem worship that was akin to that. This is the cultural root of the exhibition in the name of the “Chinese Zodiac.”