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Art on Paper New York × Inna Art Space

Artist: Chen Dongfan
Date: 2022.09.08-11

Inna Art Space will present Dongfan Chen’s solo project at the fair, with paintings of different subjects, forms and concepts in the form of simulated studio scenes.


In the recent two years, Dongfan Chen has not let the pause in the world slow down the pace of his art making. Despite the strict global travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, he tried his best to travel between New York and China. Nomadic ways of creation became his regular working state. During this period, he held multiple solo exhibitions both in New York and Beijing, a sizeable retrospective in Hangzhou, and presented a spectacular public painting project at the A4 Art Museum’s Serpentine gallery in Chengdu. As an ambitious artist in creation, he has experimented in various fields of painting, developing a diverse body of work. His visual system encompasses a variety of styles including narrative, expressionism, and abstraction, which are clearly symbiotically related to each other.


Two recent abstract works by Dongfan Chen will be featured in this project. Abstraction has always been an important field of exploration in his paintings. The trajectory began with his early works in neo-expressionism style. For him, abstraction is not the end goal of his stylistic evolution. He moves freely between expressionism and abstraction, and flexibly adopts forms that suit his feelings. In Chen’s view, the creation of abstract art is full of challenges, the barrier he encountered in front of the paintings was the constant failure of knowledge, ideology and experience. For him, working in abstract is a risk-taking process, and the person needs to be fearless. Chen’s abstract paintings are characterized by their bright, rich and passionate visual forms that reflect a keen intuition and vivid imagination. Mysterious shapes emerge from the abstract elements, as if to suggest certain connection between the act of painting and his spiritual rationality. The energy of color, brush strokes and other elements in the painting all reflect the passion from the creator.