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Asia NOW 2023 x Inna Art Space

Artist: Chen Dongfan
Date: 2023.10.19-22

Inna Art Space is delighted to announce our participation in the 2023 Asia NOW - the 9th Paris Asian Art Fair. The event will be held at the Monnaie de Paris from October 20th to 22nd. We will showcase a solo exhibition by the artist Chen Dongfan, featuring his latest works. Our booth number is N03.


Chen Dongfan's artistry delves into the realms of power and tenderness, of what is expended and what remains, and the dance between time and romance. The brush's interaction with the canvas, be it a gentle glide, an intricate swirl, or a decisive press, serves a profound purpose: to breathe life into the artwork. In this project, Chen places memory and romance at the forefront. While memory unfolds as a linear progression, romance emerges as an ever-spreading sensation, crafting a unique spatial structure in our perception. As these sentiments intertwine, they reveal a vast, multidimensional space, reflecting life's inherent complexity.

Chen Dongfan contends that the intricate tapestry of life, our nostalgia for the past, and the pursuit of profound emotions morph into stories as time elapses. As individuals craft and narrate their tales, they journey inward, striving to understand their identity and their relationship with the expansive world around them. Storytellers, while retelling their tales, often reshape memories. Yet, often unbeknownst to them, these tales and imaginings mold the world. Ripples in the eternal river, at the crossroads of time and space, come together to depict the face of our world.