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Artist: Candida Höfer, Chen Dongfan, Fang Wei, Guo Xi, Liao Wenfeng
Date: 2018.01.20-03.10
Open hours: 2018.01.20——3.10
Venue: Inna Art Space
Add: Block No. 12,139 LiuHe Road, Hangzhou, China
Tel: +86-0571-87023522
Email: info@innart.org
Organizer: Inna Art Space

2018 ON AIR: Restart


At the start of this new year, the Inna Art Space is proud to present the exhibition ON AIR, a new exhibition for 2018.


ON AIR proudly presents works by the following five artists: Candida Höfer, Chen Dongfan, Fang Wei, Guo Xi & Liao Wenfeng. Candida Höfer produces large scale photographs of architecture and institutional space, constructing vistas both of architectural space and historical- social psychologies. Recently, taking the notion of the “portrait” as a premise, Chen Dongfan grasps the impact images have one people’s inner lives. Taking fiction and collage as media, Fang Wei condenses the inner dimensions of people’s social intercourses. In his installations, paintings and work in other media, Guo Xi deconstructs inherent mindsets to present observations which transcend prevailing norms, his work taking on an array of different visual manifestations. Liao wenfeng reveals his extraordinary observations of life, and multi-perspective expressions through his videos and paintings.


The exhibition begins January 20. 2018 and continues through to March 10. Entry is free so please do drop by.


About On Air


On Air is a new series of ongoing events and exhibitions conceived by the Inna Art Space.


Typically, "on air" suggests something "being broadcast". Here however, we draw rather on its implication of things "in progress". For the duration of these exhibitions and events, we will make once-daily posts via our WeChat account to provide live streamings of the works in-situ. At the same time, we will also enter into multiple collaborations with the artists participating, making manifest their ideas about states, happenings and artworks that are themselves presently occurring, in progress, inconclusive or irresolute. By forging links between the inside and outside of the gallery space, we thus permit that this quality of the "liminal" pervade and areas more broadly.