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West Bund Art & Design Fair 2023 × Inna Art Space

Inna Art Space will present the group exhibition “ Life’s Procession” at Booth B105, West Bund Art & Design Fair 2023. The exhibition will feature a range of paintings, photography, videos, and installations by artists Bignia Wehrli, Candida Höfer, Chen Dongfan, Liao Wenfeng, Liu Beining, Mie Yim, and Walter Robinson.


Bignia Wehrli often deals with the poetic relationships between hyperspaces and imaginary subjects by inventing new techniques and processes. In the video piece "Grass Walking", she attaches two blades of grass to the tips of her shoes and walks around the city, leaving an imaginative trace of the plants in the urban space.


Candida Höfer, one of the most significant contemporary photographers, is known for what is described as "the psychology of sociable architecture." She captures public spaces in a calm, objective manner, deliberately erasing human traces from her images. The absence of people, paradoxically, provokes the viewer's imagination to explore the rich cultural and historical narratives embedded within the architecture.


Chen Dongfan emphasizes the infusion of strength and emotional rhythm in his paintings, which also maintain a cool and humorous multiplicity of perspectives. His works touch on themes of power and tenderness, consumption and preservation, as well as time and romance. The friction, stirring and even beating between brush and canvas are in fact for one purpose - to breathe life into the paintings.