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Art on paper

Artist: Chen Dongfan, Huang Peishan, Ji Xin, Liu Beining
Date: 2023.06.03-07.31
Opening: 2023.06.03

Inna Art Space is delighted to announce the exhibition " Art on Paper", featuring works on paper by artistsChen Dongfan, Huang Peishan, Ji Xin and Liu Beining. The exhibition will open on June 3 and run until July 31, 2023.


This exhibition embodies a metaphor where works on paper serve as drafts of poems. As a concept, “poetry” represents the amalgamation of language, where phonetics, forms, lexemes, and semantics are restructured to hark back to the malleability and probability that encapsulates the initial stage of creation. On the other hand, "draft" signifies inception, a display of purpose, emanating a sense of directness where the pen seems to move in accordance with the heart. The creative process on paper resembles the drafting of a poem — it represents an "object awaiting completion". Despite the constraints imposed by the medium, art on paper can paradoxically encapsulate a comprehensive worldview through the swift dance of unbridled strokes.


Ji Xin's watercolor compositions on paper harness the power of pencil sketches and exquisite coloration to portray languid yet astute female personas. Some of these works serve as drafts for his sculptures and oil paintings, signifying the artist's journey from ideation to completion. During the creative process, the pencil’s imprint is captured by the paper at high fidelity, providing a glimpse into the artist's internal compass that guides his tranquil and purposeful existence. The unique light texture of paper, unlike the formality and solemnity of oil painting, lends an irreplaceable intimacy to hand-written drafts. The interplay between the creator, materials, and subjects becomes exceedingly intimate, preserving the artist's most cherished touch and the raw exhilaration of art at its most primal essence: where the pen lands, art is born.